• SSA Training.

    The Situational Safety Awareness Test addresses the majority of ‘human error’causes of incidents, injury and fatalities that occur in the workplace.
  • Job Risk Analysis.

    The Job Analysis addresses the need to quickly understand the perceptions incumbents and others have about a job. We provide Job & Task Risk Assessments online
  • Test Design.

    The validity and reliability of custom tests and surveys for your environment is our paramount concern when designing your application.

Improve Safety and Performance with the SSA

SSA Assessment and Training immediately and directly addresses the behavioural causes of errors, incidents and loss of performance in the workplace.

The SSA test assesses the safety risk in terms of what the individual brings with them to the workplace. The test provides an assessment of the individuals capacity to operate safely and unencumbered by deficiencies in safety competency, behavioural tendencies or perspectives as well as their mental state. The integration of this practical Human Factors based assessment into the organisations safety management system at the recruitment or needs analysis level provides a means for individuals to avoid placing themselves in harms way and for OHS and all management personnel to manage the variable and demanding behavioural dimensions of safety for their workforces.